Common bra problems

7 tell-tale signs of a poorly fitting bra


If you’re not sure whether your bra fits your properly, take a look at our guide to the most common bra fitting problems and see if any of these sound like you. If so, follow the advice for how to improve the fit.

Back band higher at the back

Your back band should be horizontal all the way around your body. If it goes up at the back towards your shoulder blades then it is too big and has slid up to the wider part of your back. If you have this problem try a small back size.

Shoulder straps too tight/ digging in

If you have this problem, first try loosening the shoulder straps. If this makes your bust sag noticeably then you have been relying too much on the shoulder straps for support, which should be coming from the back band so you need to go down a back size. If you find that straps feel like they dig in even when you have the fit right, look for bra style with wider or padded shoulder straps, which will be more comfortable to wear.

Back-band too tight

You should be able to pull your back band away from your body by about two inches but no more. If it’s so tight you struggle to get it on or it feels uncomfortable or even painful then you should go up a back size.

Underwire not flat against your body

If the underwiring does not rest neatly against your body and moves out in between your bust try going up a cup size.

Underwire digs in

Your bra underwire should sit around the breast tissue and not on it at any point or dig in. If this is happening to you then you need to try a bigger cup size.

Overspill at the top of the cup

Don’t be tempted to think that your bust is supposed to spill out over the top of your bra to look sexy – the top of the cup should be flat across your bust rather than cutting in to the flesh. The ‘double boob’ effect when you’ve got a close fitting top on is a sure sign that your cup size is too small. Keep trying a cup size bigger until you find the fit that’s right for you.

Bra cups look baggy or wrinkled

The fabric of your bra cups should be smooth when your bra fits properly. If the cups are crinkled because they are not being completely filled out then try a smaller cup size. If they are puckered because they are over-stretched then you should go up a cup size instead.