Getting the perfect fit

How to find out if you’re wearing the right size bra


If you’ve heard the oft-quoted statistic that up to ¾ of women in the UK are wearing the wrong size bra, you may be worried that you’re one of them. But how can you find out? Read our bra fitting guide below and find out exactly what the perfect fitting bra should look and feel like. Then if you feel that your bra doesn’t measure up in any way, take a look at our common bra problems guide, which will tell you how to change your bra size to get the right fit for you.

The underwiring

The underwiring should sit flat against your chest with no lifting away, particularly in between your breasts. It should stay put and not lift away from the body even when you move or raise your arms. The wire should encase your bust completely, sitting behind the breast tissue under the arms rather than over it anywhere.

Bra cups

The bra cups should fit neatly – your breasts should not bulge over the top of the cup and the cups should not gape or be creased either.

Back band

The back band of your bra is the main source of support for your bust so it’s essential it fits properly. The band should be horizontal all the way around your body. It should also fit very snugly without feeling too tight.

Bra straps

Adjust the length of your shoulder straps so that they give extra support. They should not slip off your shoulders when you relax nor should they be so tights that they dig in.