Buy plus size slips online up to dress size 32

Full slips or petticoats in a big size range

A full slip or petticoat is a item of ladies’ lingerie designed to be worn under a dress. It’s full length like a strappy dress but is made of a light material so it doesn’t add bulk to your clothing. Many women like to wear slips as an additional warm layer or if they are worried about their dress being see-through. We’ve a big choice of pretty plus size full slips or petticoats available online in sizes 12-32 including great value packs of two for everyday wear. Most underwear slips have lace trims for a pretty and feminine touch.

Half slips or underskirts

A half slip, also known as an underskirt or waist slip is like the skirt part of a full length petticoat, perfect for wearing underneath either skirts or dresses if you feel the fabric of your clothing may show your legs through. Choose a luxury cling resistant waist slip or a pack of three amazing value underskirts in your choice of black, white or skintone. Buy plus size slips online here at, it’s the simplest way to shop for women’s underwear.