Minimiser bras

Plus size minimiser bras to reduce a big bust

A plus size bra to make your clothes fit better

Although some people can’t understand why anyone would want to make the bust appear smaller, when you have a large bust it can mean that some clothes don’t fit properly. If you’ve ever worn a shirt or blouse and the buttons have gaped then a minimiser can solve the problem. You’ll find them just as comfortable to wear as normal bras. A minimiser bra gently redistributes the breast tissue for a slightly flatter shape. If you have a fuller figure this can help you look slimmer too. Wear one every day if you prefer a smaller bust, or just wear one with certain outfits to get a better fit. But there’s no need to buy tops a dress size bigger just because you have a large chest.

A large choice of big size minimisers

If you’re looking to a buy a plus size minimiser bra online you’ll find a big choice at Look out for features that make them extra comfy to wear, such as wider back straps and shoulder straps. Choose from non-wired and underwired plus size minimiser bras – both are available in a big size range. If you’re looking for great value, everyday underwear, try a multipack of minimiser bras. The price per bra works out very low.