Soft Cup bras

Plus size soft cup bras for complete comfort

Wire free soft cup support

Many women who aren’t keen on the idea of underwired bras prefer to wear non-wired, or soft cup bras. These give more gentle support, which many women find much more comfortable. You can still find many pretty styles, including soft bras in pretty pastel colours with matching briefs, and wire free bras adorned with lace or embroidery to make you look and feel wonderful. Some women like to sleep in soft cup bras too.

Non wired plus size bras

Many lingerie retailers no longer offer much choice of soft cup bras, despite have a large range of underwired styles. Here at though you’ll find a big selection of plus size soft bras. We’ve brilliant value multipacks – our pack of four wire free bras works out at as little as under £5 per bra! We offer soft bras up to 56 back size and K and L cups, making it a truly comprehensive collection. You’ll find many of the plus size styles have features such as wider shoulder straps for extra comfort and support in bigger sizes. Shop online from our superb collection any time it suits you and enjoy delivery direct to your door.