Sports bras

Plus size sports bras for the support you need

The best bras for exercise

If you’re going to be working out, running or doing any other form of high impact exercise you need to make sure you are well supported. Otherwise you can cause irreparable damage to the tissue around the breasts. Wearing a correctly fitting normal will help to an extent but for the best support you need to invest in a sports bra. Sports bras are wire-free bras that come up a little higher on the chest, with a broad band around the body and wider shoulder straps. Although they may look a little like a crop vest, these design features make them very supportive when you’re exercising. It’s all about minimising the bounce!

Branded plus size sports bras

The biggest brand name in sports bras is Shock Absorber. We offer the brilliant Shock Absorber Max in a plus size range up to 44H, in a choice of colours. Plus size lingerie specialists Freya also make plus size sports bras, available up to 40H, plus we’ve supportive sports styles from Glamorise and Royce. So if you’re thinking of hitting the gym or going for a jog, make sure you’ve got the right sports bra.